Pastificio Fontana produzione pasta fresca

Production of fresh pasta

The production of fresh pasta that draws from the tradition

The factory produces Fontana pasta, egg, and filled according to the best traditional recipes from Emilia and Piacenza.

Recipes made with the most innovative systems of production and storage of the product.
In the laboratories of the pasta factory Fontana technology is at the service of the artisan and joined him in a production where many steps are still done entirely by hand. The production takes place with the aid of “white rooms” for the killing of the microbial charges inside the building which does not allow to use in packaging any type of preservative, anti-mold, anti-oxidant.
Having produced PRESERVATIVE with a SHELF LIFE OF 42 DAYS was the most important mission of pasta factory Fontana. It is now a reality. The result is a pasta with flavor and texture typical of fresh pasta made at home.

Types of storage for fresh pasta

FRESH protective atmosphere
products packaged in biodegradable containers or trays traditional ATP medium conservation thanks to a careful heat treatment. Shelf life: 42 days.

FRESH in freezing
through the reduction of the core temperature less than 18 degrees you get a high quality product, which keeps intact all its characteristics. Shelf Life: 10-12 months depending on the product.