Pasta fresca
Tortelli piacentini con le code ricotta e spinaci
Cappelletti con pasta all'uovo

The formula of good taste

Traditional recipes made ​​with the most innovative systems of production and storage of the product.

In the laboratories of the pasta factory Fontana technology is at the service of the craftsman and joined him in a production where many steps are still done entirely by hand.

The result is a pasta with flavor and texture typical of fresh homemade pasta.

What kind of pasta are you?

Which special pasta entices you? They are all scientifically amazing.


Confezione tortelli piacentini ricotta e spinaci

Tortelli with ricotta and spinach from Piacenza

Confezione tortellini di carne e al prosciutto crudo

Meat and cured ham tortellini

Confezione anolini al formaggio

Cheese anolini

Confezione anolini di carne

Meat anolini

Confezione cappelletti al prosciutto crudo

Cured ham cappelletti

The recipes from Pastificio Fontana

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